At Shift IT we offer Technology advisory and Support services to Transportation and Logistics companies in Peel & Halton regions who are interested in improving their business processes by taking advantage of highly-reliable, industry-specific technology solutions.

We are a different kind of IT company.  We started our journey a decade ago as a Managed Services Provider.  Our main focus in those days was converting companies from their unsuccessful break and fix models to predictable, on-going IT Management. Since technology moves at breakneck speed those days seem like an eternity ago.  The sophistication of a mid-market company is so much deeper today than it was in 2009.  Companies now need a trusted advisor to help them navigate the dangerous and confusing world of IT, fraught with cyber-crime and costs spiraling out of control.  They don’t just need a Managed Services Provider (MSP), they need something more.

We are entering this next decade as something new, we have become a Technology Advisory Services Provider (TASP).  Of course we are doing all the MSP services that got us here but we see our real value as helping our clients make smart decisions about their technology.  Decisions about safety, security, productivity, cloud resources, capital investments are no longer responsibilities C-level executives can abdicate.  We will help you get control of your IT and maximize the utility you get from it.  We deliver nothing less than best-in-class IT support but our true mission is to:

Help business leaders of Manufacturing and Distribution companies understand and better utilize the technology that drives their businesses

That’s how we’re different.  It’s no longer good enough to fix your IT issues, we will take your business to new heights.