Advisory services is what we do at Shift IT.  Our core focus is to help business leaders understand and better utilize the technology that drives their businesses.  Creating an understanding through consistent, concise, easy-to-understand executive level business reviews is what we do best.  Using simple, templated documentation we give business leaders honest and frank assessments of their current situation which allows them to easily see progress quarter over quarter.  We highlight areas that require focus and set goals accordingly, taking into account budgetary constraints.

We not only dive into the obvious areas like security and disaster recovery but we explore areas like your line of business software, figuring out whether or not its hurting or benefiting your business.  It’s not just your technology rather it’s how your technology affects your overall business.  Anyone can tell you that your server is old or that you need a new one, but it takes an advisor to show you how moving your infrastructure to the cloud will help your sales reps close more deals.  That’s the Technology Advisory Services difference!

When you sign up with our managed services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

Immediate Action Plan

It's important to systematically prioritize the required work so the most critical issues get addressed first and are assigned a timeline for remediation.

Standard QBR Assessments

We think it's important that every business should know the impact of the technology decisions they make and the ways they can accelerate business growth.

The 90 Day Shift™

Our on-boarding process allows us to make a big impact in the first 90 days of working together. The 90 Day Side-by-Side will demonstrate how much stronger you are today than a quarter ago.

Benchmarking Industry Standard

It's very important to compare your business processes and performance metrics to industry best practices. By focusing on best practice, you position yourself ahead of your competition.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.
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