Expert IT Support for Manufacturing & Distribution Companies in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington

We know Manufacturing: Our focus on Manufacturing and Distribution companies allows us to have insights that other providers just don’t have when it comes to improving production flow.

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Our Services

We offer professional IT support in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Burlington

Advisory Services

Our core focus is to help business leaders understand and better utilize the technology that drives their businesses.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Regardless of your business size, you need a dependable data backup and recovery plan.

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Network Security

In today’s security climate the unsuspecting small/medium business is the primary target.

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Help Desk

When you need assistance with network and PC issues, software support, or virus removal, we are here to help you.

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Trusted computer support for Manufacturing & Distribution companies throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned you aren't getting the most out of your IT services, or maybe you don't have the trusted advisor that you wish you had. Whatever your reason, we can help you transform this area of your business into a position of strength. With Shift IT Solutions’ managed services, your business can do more with less resources. You can start getting the ROI you were promised when you made your IT investments in the first place.

The Top 6 Reasons Why You'll Want To Work With Us:

All of our senior staff have worked in just-in-time manufacturing environments

We understand how critical up-time is in an environment where delivering quality goods on time is the only option.

We provide best-in-class technology support

We answer 19/20 calls without voicemail and provide urgent support in the moment to ensure your production never stops.

We work with manufacturers at all stages of automation

Whether you’re moving away from orders on spreadsheets or adopting hand scanners and RFID inventory control, we can help you take your next step in process improvement.

We help you win new business and explore new markets

Fortune 500 companies are becoming increasingly demanding of IT security and business continuity in their supply chains. We routinely complete sections of RFPs and prepare them for 3rd party supplier audits by engineering their technology to allow them to comply with international standards like GDRP, NIST800, ISO etc.

We help you get the most out for your ERP solution

Whether it’s choosing the right software program for your business, creating the right hardware architecture to run it or ensuring critical integrations work as advertised we have the experience to help you deliver the ROI you expect from your systems.

We provide expert advice

We have experience with EDI and PLC integrations, CAD software integration, ERP integrations and adoption of new technology standards.